Awareness, Tactics and Self Defense
November 12, 2017

This afternoon Mamaroneck EMS participated in a "Self Defense for EMS Providers" training courtesy of the Firefighter Support Foundation and our friends at UFC Gym of Mamaroneck.

The unfortunate reality is that violence against EMS providers happens frequently and comes in many forms. Although most acts of violence are non-fatal assaults, the risk of lost work time is 0.6 cases per 100 workers each year (the national average is about 1.8 per 10,000 workers). This means the relative risk of non-fatal assault for EMS workers is roughly 30 times higher than the national average.

Members were taught about national statistics, awareness levels, scene safety, weapons & gunfire, corners, cover vs. concealment, and self-defense.
The key to both avoiding and surviving physical attacks is to see them coming, or to realize that they may be imminent. Members were taught that seeing danger coming and avoiding it or taking early action is the best way to win a conflict.

Unfortunately, some conflicts are unavoidable; for this, our members learned basic self-defense techniques, good body mechanics, and defensive tactics.

Thank you to the Firefighter Support Foundation and UFC Gym of Mamaroneck for your support!