Second Calls in the District
March 8, 2018

Every now and then, you'll see posts on Facebook, Instagram and the website that highlight Mamaroneck EMS having "multiple crews" on duty.
What exactly does that mean, and how does it affect our community?

During periods of environmental emergencies or man-made conditions where there is an increased potential for wide spread injury or illness, Mamaroneck EMS will retain a full crew for our first due ambulance, second due ambulance and utility vehicle. We want to ensure that if our first ambulance is out on a call, that we have an additional crew who can take the second ambulance out in the event of an additional 911 call. This continuity of care allows us to answer emergency calls within our jurisdiction without sending the call "mutual aid", meaning an ambulance from a neighboring town has to come in and handle the job.

Over the past several weeks during periods of inclement weather, high winds and snow storms, MEMS had multiple teams on staff in order to answer the call.

Units: 68-A1, 68-B1, 68-U1
Multiple crews on staff for Snow Storm Quinn
Multiple crews on staff for Snow Storm Quinn