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Bob Smith Retirement Party!

Hi Everyone

After over 30 years of Service to the Village of Mamaroneck EMS, Bob Smith will be riding his final shift at MEMS and TMAD on Saturday May 7th. He has put in for retirement and will begin collecting his TMAD pension effective the end of his shift.

We will be throwing a farwell and happy retirement party for Bob at 4pm on Saturday May 7th (Immidiatelly at the conclusion of his shift). Bob would be thrilled to see all of you one final time! In addition to all the MEMS members, I have invited LVAC as well as the TMAD medics and anyone who is able to attend. Lets make this a great farewell party for Bob as he certainly deserves it after all his years of service.

Food, Beverages, and Cake will be served.

Please Sign up under events / signup sheets as soon as possible so we can have a headcount and lets make sure we have more of our members present than LVAC and TMAD!

Hope to see you all there



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