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Covid-19 Uptick

Hi everyone

As I’m sure many of you are aware, there has recently been a significant uptick in Covid 19 cases. Several of our members and LVAC members have come down with it as well as friends and family. While the symptoms appear to be more mild we should still not let our guard down as some people can be more vulnerable than others.

While our official posture will not change, I would certainly remind you all to wear a mask while on the ambulance for any call. A surgical is fine for most calls but you should have an n95 ready for anything that has the potential to be Covid ( fever, cough, redouble breathing, fatigue, etc). As health care providers we want to first and foremost do no harm and we don’t want to spread Covid to our vulnerable family members, parents, patients, etc.

Please continue to make sure both trucks have enough masks and make sure you have one of each as well. If you need additional masks please see an officer or myself.

Stay safe



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