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DOH Inspection of MEMS!!! Please Read

Hi Everyone

The NYS DOH Will be coming to MEMS on Monday July 18th to conduct an inspection ALL our vehicles, the building, and our files and records.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - Do a very thorough DAC of both ambulances and pay careful attention to anything that is expired. If anything is expired please notify an officer asap to have it replaced. Please also make sure the front drivers cab is spotless as well as the back of the ambulance. All equipment should be properly stowed in the cabinets and nothing should be sitting on the stretcher. All light switches, controls, etc need to be clean and free of dirt etc. The state is very strict and we cannot afford to fail the inspection. Please also check the hydro-stat date on all oxygen tanks. If any tank is out of date please remove it and place it in the O2 room with a note so we can have it professionally inspected.

Please see me directly with any questions.



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