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Mamaroneck EMS Landline

Good morning all,

I'm writing this morning to provide you with a few reminders regarding the landline telephone at Mamaroneck EMS.

  1. If you hear the phone ringing, answer it. It is possible that someone dialed our building instead of 911 so it's important that if you hear the phone ringing, you get up to answer it. This includes if/when you are in the bedrooms.

  2. Answer politely and professionally. "Mamaroneck EMS, this is [NAME]" is a good habit for us to get into.

  3. If it is an emergency call, tell them to hang up and dial 911. By dialing 911 the caller is able to receive emergency medical dispatching and enhanced 911 system usage. If you were provided with an address for the call, start getting ready to respond.

  4. Never give out cell phone numbers. No matter how urgent the caller sounds, never give out the cell phone number of any officer or EMS colleague to anyone. Take a message if needed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Teddy O'Rourke First Lieutenant


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