MEMS Meeting - Please read

Hi Everyone

Two very important points Id like to state quickly:

  1. Our monthly meeting is tomorrow night at 7:30pm. Food will be served and should arrive at 7pm. Please try to attend if you are able to

  2. There has been an uptick in covid19 cases and I am aware of several MEMS members who currently have covid. With that being said, I would ask if you have a rapid test, to please test yourself prior to coming to the building for the meeting in order to prevent spreading it to others. If you feel sick, have a cough, fever, sore throat, etc, just stay home. Obviously we want to see everyone, but safety comes first and I don't want anyone infected or spreading it to their family or loved ones. We will send out a virtual link for those who either have covid, are uncomfortable, or are feeling under the weather.




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