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Hi Everyone

Due to election day on Tuesday the 8th, and the need for MEMS's facility to be used as a polling place, we have decided to Move the Monthly meeting to 1 day earlier, on MONDAY NOVEMBER 7th @ 7:30pm*** Again - the meeting will be 1 day earlier now - Next Monday the 7th @ 7:30pm. This is to due to the fact that our parking lot will be packed on Tuesday as village residents come to the building to vote since we are a polling location.

In addition to having the meeting 1 day earlier, TONY DiNardo will be cooking for the Monthly Meeting!!!! All members are reminded to attend the meeting as attendance has been sparse recently. Members must attend 75% of all meetings (you can miss 3 meetings all year). Please make sure to attend!

Tony DiNardo will be cooking "Mama DiNardo's Famous Ravioli, Stuffed Shells, Meatballs, and braciole! This is a meal not to be missed!!!! Dinner will be served starting at 7! Don't be late for this traditional DiNardo Italian Feast (Very similar to the feast of San Genaro, but better!). Tony will also be singing traditional Italian folk songs during the cooking portion of the meal.

Hope to see you at the meeting, and for dinner!



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Hi everyone Reminder that our monthly meeting of the membership is this evening ( Tuesday ) at 7:30pm at MEMS. Please make every effort to attend. Pizza will arrive at 7pm. Thank you Jason

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