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Tuition Reimbursement & Student Loan Repayment Program for MEMS Volunteers

As an incentive for local residents to serve at volunteer fire departments and EMS agencies the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services (DES), has developed a program of recruitment and retention incentives for volunteer emergency services agencies. The HERRO (Higher Education Recruitment and Retention Opportunities) program is designed to provide tuition or student loan reimbursement to volunteers for their service in the County.

In exchange for the fulfillment of established service requirements in a volunteer fire department, volunteer fire company, volunteer fire district, or volunteer EMS agency located within the County, volunteers enrolled as full-time or part-time students are eligible for tuition reimbursement based on a grade point average (GPA) of “C” or better (2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale). There are no restrictions as to the type of academic coursework the volunteer may choose to pursue.

To be eligible for student loan reimbursement, the volunteer must be an active member of the volunteer agency for at least one full year and must disclose the total amount of the outstanding student loan balance.


General Information

The HERRO program will be administered by the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services. Volunteers are eligible for up to $6,000 annually in tuition reimbursement or student loan repayment assistance. To be eligible, a HERRO applicant must be an active member of Mamaroneck EMS for one full year.

Volunteers must maintain acceptable volunteer activity and training levels as set forth by the County during their entire course of study. An applicant’s department or agency will have to verify that these training and service requirements have been met.

The HERRO program funding is limited, therefore, the funds will be dispersed on a

first come first serve basis, serving a maximum number of applications annually. Westchester County volunteers may be subject to discontinued financial assistance at any time due to limitations of County funding. Applicants must apply separately for each enrollment period that they wish to be considered for the volunteer tuition reimbursement funding, regardless of previous acceptance.

Finally, the volunteer must commit to providing applicable service to Mamaroneck EMS throughout their participation in the County program, for which any reimbursement is received.

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How to Apply for Tuition Reimbursement or Loan Repayment


  1. Be an active member of Mamaroneck EMS for one full year, in good standing;

  2. Possess, at a minimum, a valid CPR/AED certification;

  3. Read and download the full HERRO Grant Program Guide;

  4. Be currently enrolled in a college, university, trade school, or training program or possess active student loans from attending an above institution.


  1. Complete a notarized Volunteer Service Commitment Form. This notarized form must then be submitted to for signature by an officer.

  2. Complete a notarized Tuition Reimbursement Application for those applying for tuition reimbursement or a notarized Student Loan Reimbursement Application for those applying for loan reimbursement.

  3. These applications must be submitted no later than June 3, 2022, for the Spring semester; September 12, 2022, for the Summer semester; January 20, 2023, for the Fall semester.

  4. Applications should be mailed to WCDES or submitted via email to

  5. Submit any supporting documentation as outlined in the HERRO Grant Program Guide including tuition bills, loan balances, payment history, etc.

At the Completion of Each Qualifying Semester

  1. Request that a MEMS Officer complete the Program Sponsoring Agency Tracking Form. It is the applicant's responsibility to request this form when needed. This form is utilized to confirm that you have remained a member in good standing during the qualifying semester.

  2. Complete a W-9 Form.

  3. Complete an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Vendor Direct Payment Authorization Form.

  4. Request an official transcript from your institution which outlines your semester's GPA and credit information or an updated student loan balance.

Please feel free to contact with any additional questions.

Thank you,

Teddy O'Rourke First Lieutenant

Membership Committee, Chair

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