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Updates - Please Read

Hi Everyone

A Few Important Updates:

  1. The Following Members have winter workshirts sitting on the main table upstairs with your name on it - Please pick them up. If any issues with sizes, please see me (Jason). They all run big.

  • Lizabeth Mendez

  • Ryan O'Day

  • Emma Crepeault

  • Pascale Gherardi

  • Nicholas Lucas

  • Kiara O'Day

  • Erik Vargas

  • Isaque Brandao

  • Frank Nuovo

  • Pietro Lisanti

  • Brandi Mandina

2. If you Signed up for a workshirt and your name is not above, we didnt forget about you - They are on order.

3. Last Call - If you did not sign up for a winter workshirt and need one, SIGN UP ASAP!!!! If you dont know how, see an officer ASAP.

4. If you need or would like a moisture wicking polo shirt, please sign up ASAP. We need to place an order soon.

5. If you did not have your picture taken, please make sure you come to the monthly meeting NEXT TUESDAY 9-13 and or see Sarina to have your picture taken. There are several people without pictures....we know who you are! Please make sure to have your picture taken ASAP. Absolute last day to have it taken is 9-13. This is also your ID card picture. Leo, Shane, Gillian, etc...come in for your photo!

6. Reminder that the monthly meeting is Tuesday 9-13 @ 7:30pm. Food will be provided. Please make sure to attend. All members are required to make 75% of meetings

7. If you need any uniform equipment please see me or an officer.

8. If you have a locker, Please EMPTY it asap as the locker room will be undergoing repairs starting Monday 9-12. Any items not emptied prior to 9-9-22 will be disposed of.

Thank you Jason


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